Whether you are opening a bar, or have been maintaining a business for years, understanding local liquor laws is essential. In Texas, the service and sale of alcoholic beverages is governed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Under the TABC Code and Rules, there are certain regulations and restrictions that all businesses must abide by including obtaining the correct TABC licensing. A Texas liquor law consultant can help you optimize your business for the sale or service of alcoholic beverages, in addition to helping you ensure that you are correctly following all restrictions and regulations.

Ranger Licensing is proud to offer TABC consulting to business owners throughout the great state of Texas. With years of expertise in Texas liquor licensing, alcohol, and law enforcement, they will help your business succeed.

Why You Need a Texas Liquor Law Consultant When Your Business Serves Alcoholic Beverages

Texas liquor laws are often complex, and navigating them can be stressful in addition to running your business. From understanding training needs for your servers to knowing what signage should be displayed in your store, and from ensuring the licensing process goes smoothly to maintaining renewals of your license, there are many aspects to the licensing process and regulatory compliance that get overlooked.

Unique challenges your business may face include aspects such as:

  • Zoning, which can vary by county and even city by city
  • Permit acquisition, which can include the correct permits for your business as well as additional permits needed if you wish to sell alcohol at an event, for example
  • Compliance, state and local regulations can include different aspects and you need to ensure that you are complying fully to both

Professional consultancy means that you will have the support, training and knowledge of someone whose job is to stay on top of all state, local, and federal regulations. They will know what changes have been made to laws and how best to follow them.

Services Offered by Top Texas Liquor Law Consultants

A Texas liquor law consultant will offer clients a variety of essential services in addition to their expert knowledge of alcohol itself, all of which can be tailored to your specific business needs so that your business can successfully navigate TABC regulations and compliance requirements. These services include:

  • TABC Licensing and Permit Assistance: This includes support and guidance throughout the entire TABC application process, from selecting the right type of license or permit to submitting the application and follow-up ‚Äčas needed
  • Compliance Audits: This includes conducting thorough reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with TABC rules and regulations, including audit compliance support if any issues arise
  • Zoning and Location Analysis: This includes assistance with understanding local zoning laws and obtaining the necessary approvals for business locations, including distance variances for schools and other liquor establishments
  • Legal Representation and Consultation: This includes offering legal advice and representation related to TABC laws, including managing disputes and addressing any legal challenges that arise during the operation of your business
  • Business Change Reporting: This includes helping businesses report necessary changes to TABC in order to maintain their license status.
  • Renewal and Maintenance: This includes managing the renewal process for TABC licenses and permits, as well as ensuring businesses remain compliant and operational without interruptions to their operations.

Ranger Licensing is your one stop shop for TABC liquor license consultancy. They offer comprehensive services, from pre-application advice specific to your business to ongoing compliance support. They are able to leverage their legal expertise with their years of experience working with businesses operating under Texas’ liquor license laws.

Choosing the Right Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Consultant

Choosing the right consultant for your business involves a variety of factors. Key factors to consider include finding a consultant with years of specific experience and knowledge (to your business type and location), a range of services which can be tailored to meet your business needs, and a proven track record of success.

Ranger Licensing offers clients all of this and more. Their unique qualifications include a highly experienced team based out of Texas, with years of work throughout the state and country, alongside a comprehensive approach to client service. Whether you are a local bar, a newly established night club, a private social club, in the hospitality and beverage industries more generally, a family restaurant that serves alcohol, or anything in between, they have experience with your business type.

Getting Started with Ranger Licensing

If your business or team is ready to take the next steps towards licensing, or are ready for a compliance review for an already licensed existing business, the team of professionals at Ranger Licensing can help. Contact them to discuss a consultation, and to answer any questions about the process that you have.

Starting the process is a breeze, and professionals such as Ranger Licensing can walk you through the services they offer, answer your initial questions, and give you an overview of what consulting services your business will likely need.

Texas liquor laws are notoriously complex, and failing to navigate them successfully can result in their enforcement through fines, revocation of your liquor license, and even jail time. So, it’s essential to know that your business is in good hands. Ranger Licensing stands out among Texas liquor law and TABC consultants with their years of expert experience and proven track record of success across the state.

Reach out today by calling (713) 881-9009 and know that Ranger Licensing means business when it comes to your business.